Tuesday, October 14, 2008

504 (human) participants. 147 families. what a day!

friends + family who came to the park sunday signed in under the tents before heading off to the kids' activity area or a photographer's "corner."

the park was the perfect setting. music was in the air (literally!)
kids were skipping, dancing, gluing, finding sticks. climbing trees.

and there were pictures, lots of pictures being made.
most of those you can see HERE: www.becking.zenfolio.com

it felt like a giant playdate at the park.
in sum: it was just what we hoped.

we'll continue updating this site periodically.
we'll try to get an FAQ section up, too...which means you must ask questions so we can see which of them become the "frequently asked" sort.

in closing, thank you, ALL!
on a personal note: i'm SO happy to have these pictures ~ know that song WHO are the people in your neighborhood? (think: 1970s sesame street) well THESE ARE the people in my neighborhood and having these pictures is like having a yearbook of our friends. love, love LOVE IT!


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

because every event is better with a logo



we’re getting close.

DOUBLE-WOW: brooke (as in brooke of originals paper art), this logo is INCREDIBLE! thank you!!!!

here’s a confession: sometimes i’m so excited to work on this tribute event because it seems so right and because sarah would so dig it.

but then, i’m sad.


for goodness sakes, why didn’t we do this a year ago or 2 years ago or 5 years ago? sarah would have LOVED being part of this. we long for sarah to be part of this ~ this gathering of friends + family + neighbors at the park. so it’s hard. every bit of it is hard. but how good it is to make time to be together and to spend time together and to celebrate with PICTURES.

pictures, that’s what we love and what we do. that we includes sarah; it soooo includes sarah.

so, anyway, i’ll try to make more sense later. in the meantime, here’s a re-cap:

Sarah Becking’s photographer friends are hosting a tribute event that’s taken the shape of a drop-in family photo shoot from 3-5 PM, Sunday, October 12th. (If it’s raining at 12 noon that day stay tuned to this blog. If it’s still raining at 2 PM, we’ll reschedule for the event to be held on Sunday, October 26th instead.) note: There’s a step we haven’t yet taken in getting official permission to use the park, but plan on dropping by sometime during 3-5 pm at Stewart Park in Columbia. Hang out with us. Play with us. Get your picture made by us.

every family is welcome.

“family hug” type group pictures will be created (at no charge) for every family in attendance.

family pictures will be posted online via sarah becking’s zenfolio site (i.e. her “photo store”) sometime after the event. proceeds from any print sales will be directed to something sarah really loved: PICTURES-OF-THE-YEAR-International.

that’s the scoop. stay tuned for updates. and go hug somebody you love ~ that’s what it’s all about.

hold that hug.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

NEW date!

hold that hug:

drop-in family photo shoot

celebrating sarah e.m. becking

sunday, october 12th 3 - 5 PM stewart park

in case of rain: sunday, october 26

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

...and in the beginning

how great to meet up IN PERSON!

instead of emailing all; thought it might be more efficient to communicate via blog.

family + friends gathered yesterday will soon receive an invitation to join this blog as authors.

does this work for everybody?

does the following show where we are to date?


1. oh how we LOVE sarah!

2. hosting a tribute ~ a get-together of families where friends + neighbors are invited to come out to the park, see some old friends (+ maybe make some new ones) and have a family photo made by local photographers free-of-charge.

3. tribute name:

hold that hug: drop-in family photo shoot celebrating sarah e.m. becking

4. hopeful location: stewart park (near grant school and jason + sarah’s place) ~ we’re working on attaining permission to use the park for this event now

5. time + date: sunday, october 19th 3 - 5pm (but with set-up a bit before and photographer post-party and post-processing after)

6. rain date: the following sunday, october 26th 3-5pm

7. all families are welcome, but rather than publicize widely, our goal is to extend invitations to friends + neighbors, colleagues + clients and especially all those becking family fans.

8. event “staff” fall into 2 groups: photographers + facilitators

who are the shooters? photographer friends of sarah’s who have kids of their own (and admit to having embarrassingly few pictures of themselves WITH their spouse + kids. This is a celebration-of-service to make sure kids have pictures taken with their mom, not just by their mom.)

photographers to-date: ashley turner, amy enderle, jennifer roberts, karen eagle, kim wade, l.g. patterson, stacie pottinger.

who are the facilitators? mike + sarah messer plan to set up tents + tables; lisa kayser heads up the kid-activity area; beth pike perfects the “how the families get to the photographer” part with linda nivens + elizabeth jordheim helping to corral any chaos by greeting + positioning staff, pondering event flow + punching up the party-in-the-park atmosphere.

HOW WILL IT WORK? our thoughts to-date:

families joining in on the fun at the park “sign-in” at a central registration table (under the tent). There they get a postcard of information that includes how to find their photos online + the purpose of the event. A facilitator will point them in the direction of their photographer for their family picture. Pictures are created free of charge and then posted online. Proceeds from print sales go to the Pictures of the Year fund.

Other ideas being explored:

inviting a POYi rep to be on-hand;
music-to-mingle by;
having some of sarah’s prints there for sale;
inviting others hosting SEMB tributes + celebrations to have info at the tents
staff t-shirts, of course
It’s quite likely there are a number of items I’ve left off this list. Sign-in + share.

and thanks. this feels just right ~ amy